RateControlRobot GunRotationRate Property Robocode Robot API for .NET
The gun's clockwise (right) rotation per turn, in degrees.

This call returns immediately, and will not execute until you call Execute() or take an action that executes.

Note that both positive and negative values can be given as input, where negative values means that the gun turns counterclockwise (left)


// Set the gun to turn right 15 degrees per turn
GunRotationRate = 15;

// Set the gun to turn left 9 degrees per turn 
// (overrides the previous order)
GunRotationRate = -9;

// Executes the last GunRotationRate()

Namespace: Robocode
Assembly: robocode (in robocode.dll) Version:

public double GunRotationRate { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: OnlineDouble
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