AdvancedRobot IsInterruptible Property Robocode Robot API for .NET
Call this during an event handler to allow new events of the same priority to restart the event handler.


public override void OnScannedRobot(ScannedRobotEvent e)
    IsInterruptible = true;
    Ahead(100); // If you see a robot while moving ahead, 
                // this handler will start from the top 
                // Without IsInterruptible (true), we wouldn't 
                // receive scan events at all! 
                // We'll only get here if we don't see a robot during the move.
    Out.WriteLine("Ok, I can't see anyone");

Namespace: Robocode
Assembly: robocode (in robocode.dll) Version:

public bool IsInterruptible { set; }

Property Value

Type: OnlineBoolean
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