Rules RADAR_TURN_RATE FieldRobocode Robot API for .NET
The turning rate of the radar measured in degrees, which is 45 degrees/turn. Note, that if AdjustRadarForRobotTurn = true and/or AdjustRadarForGunTurn = true has been set, the radar turn is independent of the robot and/or gun turn. If both properties hava been set to true, the radar moves relatively to the screen.

If AdjustRadarForRobotTurn = false and/or AdjustRadarForGunTurn = false have been set or not set at all (this is the default), then the radar turn is dependent on the robot and/or gun turn, and in this case the radar moves relatively to the gun and/or robot body.

Namespace: Robocode
Assembly: robocode (in robocode.dll) Version:

public static readonly double RADAR_TURN_RATE

Field Value

Type: OnlineDouble
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