BattleRules PropertiesRobocode Robot API for .NET
The BattleRules type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBattlefieldHeight
Returns the battlefield height.
Public propertyBattlefieldWidth
Returns the battlefield width.
Public propertyGunCoolingRate
Returns the rate at which the gun will cool down, i.e. the amount of heat the gun heat will drop per turn.

The gun cooling rate is default 0.1 per turn, but can be changed by the battle setup. So don't count on the cooling rate being 0.1!
Public propertyHideEnemyNames
Returns true if the enemy names are hidden, i.e. anonymous; false otherwise.
Public propertyInactivityTime
Returns the allowed inactivity time, where the robot is not taking any action, before will begin to be zapped. The inactivity time is measured in turns, and is the allowed time that a robot is allowed to omit taking action before being punished by the game by zapping.

When a robot is zapped by the game, it will loose 0.1 energy points per turn. Eventually the robot will be killed by zapping until the robot takes action. When the robot takes action, the inactivity time counter is reset.

The allowed inactivity time is per default 450 turns, but can be changed by the battle setup. So don't count on the inactivity time being 450 turns!
Public propertyNumRounds
Returns the number of rounds.
Public propertySentryBorderSize
Returns the sentry border size for a BorderSentry that defines the how far a BorderSentry is allowed to move from the border edges measured in units.
Hence, the sentry border size defines the width/range of the border area surrounding the battlefield that BorderSentrys cannot leave (sentry robots robots must stay in the border area), but it also define the distance from the border edges where BorderSentrys are allowed/able to make damage to robots entering this border area.
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