BulletHitEvent MembersRobocode Robot API for .NET

The BulletHitEvent type exposes the following members.

Public methodBulletHitEvent
Called by the game to create a new BulletHitEvent.
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Public methodCompareTo
Compares this event to another event regarding precedence.

The event precedence is first and foremost determined by the event time, secondly the event priority, and lastly specific event information.

This method will first compare the time of each event. If the event time is the same for both events, then this method compared the priority of each event. If the event priorities are equals, then this method will compare the two events based on specific event information.

This method is called by the game in order to sort the event queue of a robot to make sure the events are listed in chronological order.

(Inherited from Event.)
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Public propertyBullet
Returns the bullet of yours that hit the robot.
Public propertyPriority
The priority of this event.

An event priority is a value from 0 - 99. The higher value, the higher priority.

The default priority is 80, but varies depending on the type of event.

(Inherited from Event.)
Public propertyTime
The time when this event occurred.
(Inherited from Event.)
Public propertyVictimEnergy
Returns the remaining energy of the robot your bullet has hit (after the damage done by your bullet).
Public propertyVictimName
Returns the name of the robot your bullet hit.
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