IScoreSnapshot PropertiesRobocode Control API for .NET
The IScoreSnapshot type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCurrentBulletDamageScore
Contains the current bullet damage score.
Public propertyCurrentBulletKillBonus
Contains the current bullet kill bonus.
Public propertyCurrentRammingDamageScore
Contains the current ramming damage score.
Public propertyCurrentRammingKillBonus
Contains the current ramming kill bonus.
Public propertyCurrentScore
Contains the current score.
Public propertyCurrentSurvivalBonus
Contains the current survival bonus.
Public propertyCurrentSurvivalScore
Contains the current survival score.
Public propertyName
Contains the name of the contestant, i.e. a robot or team.
Public propertyTotalBulletDamageScore
Contains the total bullet damage score.
Public propertyTotalBulletKillBonus
Contains the total bullet kill bonus.
Public propertyTotalFirsts
Contains the total number of first places.
Public propertyTotalLastSurvivorBonus
Contains the total last survival score.
Public propertyTotalRammingDamageScore
Contains the total ramming damage score.
Public propertyTotalRammingKillBonus
Contains the total ramming kill bonus.
Public propertyTotalScore
Contains the total score.
Public propertyTotalSeconds
Contains the total number of second places.
Public propertyTotalSurvivalScore
Contains the total survival score.
Public propertyTotalThirds
Contains the total number of third places.
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