RobocodeEngine ClassRobocode Control API for .NET
The RobocodeEngine is the interface provided for external applications in order to let these applications run battles within the Robocode application, and to get the results from these battles.

This class in the main entry class of the Robocode.Control namespace.

The RobocodeEngine is used by e.g. RoboRumble@Home client, which is integrated in Robocode. In addition, the RobocodeEngine is also used by the test units for testing the Robocode application itself.
Inheritance Hierarchy

OnlineSystem Object
  Robocode.Control RobocodeEngine

Namespace: Robocode.Control
Assembly: robocode.control (in robocode.control.dll) Version:

public class RobocodeEngine : IRobocodeEngine
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