RobocodeEngine GetLocalRepository Method (String)Robocode Control API for .NET
Returns a selection of robots available from the local robot repository of Robocode. These robots must exists in the \robocode\robots directory, and must be compiled in advance, before these robot are returned with this method.

Notice: If a specified robot cannot be found in the repository, it will not be returned in the array of robots returned by this method.

Namespace: Robocode.Control
Assembly: robocode.control (in robocode.control.dll) Version:

public RobotSpecification[] GetLocalRepository(
	string selectedRobots

Return Value

Type:  RobotSpecification 
An array containing the available robots from the local robot repository based on the selected robots specified with the selectedRobotList parameter.


IRobocodeEngine GetLocalRepository(String)
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