BulletState EnumerationRobocode Control API for .NET
Defines a bullet state, which can be: just fired, moving somewhere, hitting a victim, hitting another bullet, hitting the wall, exploded, or inactive.

Namespace: Robocode.Control.Snapshot
Assembly: robocode.control (in robocode.control.dll) Version:

public enum BulletState

  Member nameValueDescription
Fired0 The bullet has just been fired this turn and hence just been created. This state only last one turn.
Moving1 The bullet is now moving across the battlefield, but has not hit anything yet.
HitVictim2 The bullet has hit a robot victim.
HitBullet3 The bullet has hit another bullet.
HitWall4 The bullet has the wall, i.e. one of the four borders of the battlefield.
Exploded5 The bullet currently represents a robot explosion, i.e. a robot death.
Inactive6 The bullet is currently inactive. Hence, it is not active or visible on the battlefield.
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