BattleSpecification PropertiesRobocode Control API for .NET
The BattleSpecification type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBattlefield
Contains the battlefield size for this battle.
Public propertyGunCoolingRate
Contains the gun cooling rate of the robots in this battle.
Public propertyHideEnemyNames
Flag specifying if the enemy names must be hidden from events sent to robots.
Public propertyInactivityTime
Contains the allowed inactivity time for the robots in this battle.
Public propertyInitialSetups
Contains the initial position and heading of each robot participating in this battle.
Public propertyNumRounds
Contains the number of rounds in this battle.
Public propertyRobots
Contains the specifications of the robots participating in this battle.
Public propertySentryBorderSize
Returns the sentry border size for a BorderSentry that defines the how far a BorderSentry is allowed to move from the border edges measured in units.

Hence, the sentry border size defines the width/range of the border area surrounding the battlefield that border sentry robots cannot leave (they must stay in the border area), but it also define the distance from the border edges where border sentry robots are allowed/able to make damage to robots entering this border area.
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