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Rock 'em, sock 'em Robocode!

- Round 1 - Learning Java programming is more fun than ever with Robocode
- Round 2 - Go beyond the basics with advanced robot building and team play

Secrets from the Robocode masters

- Hint, tips, and advice - A collection of hints, tips, and advice from the Robocode masters
- Factored wall avoidance - An algorithm for avoiding hitting walls
- Anti-gravity movement - Movement using an anti-gravity algorithm
- Predictive targeting - Predict the future positions of the enemy
- Tracking your opponents' movement - Select the best movement algorithm for each opponent
- Circular targeting - Hit robots that travel in circles with perfect accuracy
- Dodge bullets - How to avoid being hit by enemy bullets
- Radar sweeps - Make the most efficient use of your robot's radar
- Polymorphic enemy cache - Storing enemy data that is up-to-date efficiently
- Tracking bullets - Choose the best aiming technique for each opponent
- Extensible/reusable robots - Breaking your robot up into modular, reusable pieces
- Robocode strategies - Different strategy levels of movement, shooting, and gathering information
- RoboLeague - Defining your own league for Robocode players

Robocode Rumble / RoboLeague

- Let the games begin - alphaWorks launches Robocode Rumble
- Robocode Rumble - Tips from the champs


- AlphaBot - An interview with Robocode's creator Mathew Nelson Logo    Get Java    Get Eclipse